What paperwork do I receive?

We provide written records of the puppies physicals, vaccines and health guarantees.

Can we switch to another puppy after we meet them?

Making a down payment on a specific puppy ensures that the puppy will be here when you arrive for them. You are also however welcome to meet the rest of the family at that time and you can switch that reservation to one of the other available puppies at that time if you wish.

Do you ship puppies?

We prefer for everybody to come here and meet us and our puppies but we understand that’s not always feasible. Anything on the east coast or eastern mid west we will ground deliver as it usually not as traumatic for the puppy. We do ship them by air if needed. That is usually handled by My New Puppy delivery service. They charge $600.00 nationwide and we have a 75.00 surcharge on shipped puppies as well. A much better option however is for you to fly in and pick the puppy up. This allows the puppy to fly with you in the cabin. Our closest airport is Harrisburg Pa and our closest major one is Baltimore MD. This is about 2 hours from us.

How does the air shipping process work?

All puppies that are being shipped require a $1,000.00 down payment versus the standard 10%. After the down payment is received we give your information to the shipping company ( My New Puppy Delivery Service ) and we then need to get an additional vet certificate for that puppy to be able to fly cargo. After we receive the additional physical the balance of the payment is due. The shipping company will be in touch throughout to schedule everything with you. They also collect the $600.00 shipping charge directly from you.

Can you meet us halfway?

We do have a courier who does take puppies to meet people occasionally. This is usually done to help someone be able to make the trip in one day. He charges 2.00 per mile from our location to your chosen meeting place. This allows you to balance your desired trip time and distance with your budget.