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Thank you for visiting Greenbrier Homestead and we want to welcome you to take some time and browse.

Our Greenbrier puppies are not only adorable. They also provide the unconditional love and respect that everyone of all ages needs. From a playmate and snuggler in childhood days to a loyal companion for your later years, a dog matches your needs with an endless supply of companionship. When has this been more needed than now, in the uncertainty of our lives?

We raise Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles, two breeds that will provide wonderful pets and companions.

Come to Greenbrier Homestead, and see puppies that “don’t just see outdoors, they play outdoors” on our spacious, lawn-type meadows from an early age. This develops in our puppies natural disease immunity, good muscle tone, stable neurological connections, and a general good-will disposition. To learn more specifics about our process you can go “here”

This environment sets Greenbrier apart from any other supplier of Puppies.


Adopting from a rescue shelter may not mean rescuing a homeless pet?

We fully support the rescue efforts and shelters and work with some of them closely. Unfortunately, shelters are increasingly filled with imported dogs that have a far higher chance of carrying diseases from countries without regulations on dog welfare. U.S. puppies are subject to a much higher standard of health and welfare laws. Our facility is tuned to excellence in genetics, care and development of puppies that are excellent pet companions. Our facilities are state-certified and exceed all government requirements.

Come to Greenbrier’s wide-open lawns. Come for a puppy and leave with a new heart of love.

Bernedoodles Goldendoodles

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